MARCUS, David (1980) Certain antiphrastic euphemisms for a blind member of Akkadian and other Semitic dialects

MARCUS, David (1980) Certain antiphrastic euphemisms for a blind member of Akkadian and other Semitic dialects

Journal of the Western Oriental People 100: 307-310. Technical report to the linguistics; dialogue shows many fascinating products regarding perceptions so you can blind or any other handicapped members of the fresh ancient Middle east. (Mentions the new practice in which some body explanations a beneficial blind or else handicapped individual flow a shield stone or wreck a memorial, to stop the fresh new punishment otherwise curse who would or even slide towards the latest instigator. Discover Cassin, above; as well as Falk).

Al-MARGHINANI. The new Hedaya otherwise Book. A discourse with the Mussulman laws and regulations. 2nd release. transl. C Hamilton, ed. S Grady (1870), reprint 1975, Lahore: Biggest Publication. Discover list records: Blind; Youngster, Children; Separation and divorce (Ch.I, out-of a silly individual; Ch.IX, out-of expiation, slaves that have defects; Ch.XI, husband leprous, scrophulous otherwise insane; Ch.XV, maintenance with other interactions, a father & mother); Stupid, Stupid people; Foundlings; Protector (vibe off a great lunatic lady) Infants; Idiot, Idiotism; Suppression (operates up on newborns, slaves, & lunatics; Ch.II, of weakness out-of mind); Lunacy, Lunatic; Maniacs; Property (destruction out-of an infant otherwise lunatic); Discipline (Ch.II, whoredom enough time by the newborn otherwise idiot; otherwise whom happens blind); Safeeya; Deals (Ch.III, review out of good blind person, defects experience so you’re able to pupils; lunacy operates because the a perpetual defect; Ch.X, great sustained by the maiming); Wills (Ch.IV, or even to the newest orphans, blind lame); Zabbah (provided the guy end up being . newborn or idiot); Zakat (perhaps not owed of babies otherwise maniacs); etcetera. This type of imply ranged applications away from laws so you’re able to disabled individuals, e.g. entitlement to some protections & exclusion out of taxation or punishments, incapacities because witnesses or even in purchase out-of business, an such like. (Talking about discussed in great outline in several Arabic courtroom messages).

The new marvellous divine monkey Hanuman, a great child’s fictional lover, is actually illegitimate and you can deformed

) Handicap during the Jewish Rules. London area & New york: Routledge. xii + 260 pp. Marx studies in more detail this new rabbinical discussions on Jewish law (halakha) because the placed on individuals with certain kinds of handicap in earlier in the day one or two millennia. The goal is to introduce and you will suggest ways of cutting some of your collectively contradictory perceptions in this Jewish courtroom habit, while the disagreement between mladenka Frence Jewish laws and you will modern euro-american secular values and you will ideologies around disability.

MASSON, Jeffrey M (1980) The fresh Oceanic Impression. The latest origins away from religious belief inside Old Asia. Dordrecht: Reidel. pp. 110-24, “Cards to the Kubja the brand new Hunchback and you can Krishna, with observations toward perversions.” Converts and you can speculates towards the membership off a meeting anywhere between Krishna and you can a beneficial hunchback woman (Kubja) where Krishna straightens their human anatomy and you may sometimes tends to make fun regarding her, or flirts with her, otherwise produces want to their, or each one of these points, in numerous sizes. (See also Noel Sheth, 1981, The fresh new flawless Krishna, Indica 18: 1-6; and you can Sheth, 1983, The latest excuse having Krishna’s affair toward hunchbacked woman, Purana 25: 225-34.)

MASSON JM (1981) Hanuman because a fictional mate. Journal of Western Oriental Neighborhood 101: 355-361. Masson, who was simply a great Sanskritist right after which practised psychoanalysis, contends the market of the Ramayana are good youngsters’ market.

Interpretation off a highly important remarks by twelfth century lawyer, bringing membership of the major court colleges regarding Islam, used more than many years from inside the Middle east & South Asia

MAS`UDI. The Meadows out-of Gold. The new Abbasids. Transl. & ed. P Lunde & C Stone (1989) London: Kegan Paul Worldwide. Al-Mas`udi (c. 896-956) gave much more lifestyle and you can humour than just very historians, together with reports from handicapped anyone. The fresh new Caliph Mansur and you may a beneficial blind poet (pp. 21-23); the fresh unappealing, crippled and you will evident-witted Ahnaf ibn Qais (61); a beneficial madman known as ‘Sheep’s Head’ (68); good bonesetter deals with Caliph Amin’s hand (142); history illustrated because of the verses of your blind poet regarding Baghdad, Ali ibn Abi Talib (146, 151-53, 156-65); people of Kufa prefer a beneficial deaf man so you can beg the instance prior to Caliph Ma`mun, which he do that have discreet humor (193-94); Caliph Mu`tasim disobeys doctor’s purchases (224-25); subscribers accidents related to infirm or blind people in Baghdad (228); Caliph Wathiq and you will scientific technology (233-35); ugliness of Jahiz grounds their rejection while the tutor with the sons of Caliph Mutawakkil (249); conditions and you can loss of Jahiz (309-11); humor and you may notice-maintenance of your blind Abu al-Ayna (322-34); former-Caliph Qahir’s payback getting shedding their sight (409-410); Caliph Muttaqi enjoys their eyes gouged aside (415); the latest warrior Utrush ‘The Deaf’ (425).




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